Offsite Receipting (OSR) involves Centurion personnel providing full or partial receipting and inspection activities as we as other services at a central hub, before stock is transported to remote customers.

Centurion originally developed OSR in order to reduce the amount of stock moving to remote locations that was not consistent with purchase order requirements. Intercepting any errors prior to transportation meant that issues could be resolved more quickly and efficiently due to suppliers being close at hand – avoiding unnecessary freight costs and increasing traceability.

The culmination of these initiatives saw Centurion receiving a Supplier Award for Innovation. Its clients now have greater insight into the status of their orders and benefit from labour cost savings, with recognised savings in excess of $1.5m in direct labour costs for clients each year (according the Centurion estimates).

Since 2003, Centurion’s investment (excluding hardware) has been in excess of $15m.

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