Centurion was successful in bidding on the transport and supply base services in association with the Hook-up and Commissioning (HUC) operations for HRB HUC project.

Our management team were tasked with developing and redesigning processes and facility structures as well as assigning resources to create compatible and efficient operations suited to meeting the HUC project volumes and schedules.



Centurion was able to draw upon our extensive capacities to provide resources for the facility to meet supply requirements both in Perth and in the North West. In order to implement the specific scope of requirements for the HUC scope, Centurion identified several process changes that needed to be implemented to meet and exceed agreed service levels.

Goods that were being received into the Centurion warehouse operations were processed using the existing (and outdated) Transfield Worley paper method for tracking the location of goods. This system was unreliable, creating compounding mismatched stock locations – resulting in extreme delays when finding relevant stock for HUC orders and therefore affecting overall transport timeframes, creating bottlenecks further down the supply chain.


With related services operating more efficiently within Centurion (using employees trained in the use of client’s ERP systems – in this case SAP), our team was able to plan and transition from the paper tracking method to a full electronic integrated system. Centurion performed a complete stocktake of goods whilst maintaining services and by aligning orders with the actual locations of goods was able to reduce the time taken to pick and pack orders for despatch.


Prior to the implementation of the changes, orders had taken 3 – 4 days to locate and prepare for transport. Post changes, orders would take as little as 30 minutes to be ready for despatch. This resulted in the overall delivery schedules being managed more efficiently, with fewer errors at each stage along the supply chain to the praise of the client’s representatives.


With extensive capabilities to engineer custom designed facilities and systems, Centurion was able to review and optimise the  Client  HUC logistics processes. Through our understanding of project specific operations, we have demonstrated cost and process savings achieved by our transport and supply base solutions.

Our ability to adapt to the requirements of project logistics services was managed through identifying and implementing best practices; applying capable people, equipment; and project methodologies for the task.

Through this experience, Centurion has demonstrated considerable capability to seamlessly implement the project logistics from the initial commencement of work through to project completion. Our clients have recognised the potential of Centurion’s proprietary B2B systems to be used to efficiently interface and manage goods as it moves along the client’s supply chain.

Some of the lessons learnt which are now transferable to other projects include the following:

  • Effective planning phase prior to commencement to reduce waste and inefficient processes, focusing on resource requirements and best practice for the task;
  • Ability to tailor operations around project specific logistics requirements;
  • Ability to provide modularised IT solutions to work seamlessly with individual client’s needs; and
  • Overall project management partnership with clients involving; planning, forecasting scheduling; and overall cost control and management.

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