Developing an Integrated Solution for Maintaining and Preserving Critical Equipment as best practice supply chain management.

In 2016 as part of its continuous improvement journey Centurion began investigating how it could add value to its supply base and warehousing services for its oil & gas and mining customers. Identifying a growing requirement for preservation and maintenance activities, Centurion began to work closely with engineering company PSM Subsea (PSM) to investigate possible solutions. A number of issues were identified where current practices could be significantly improved.

These included:

  • Maximise In-Storage Maintenance and Preservation (ISMP) and eliminate added risk and cost of transporting equipment to third party premises
  • Using the original equipment manufacturer to test, maintain and preserve the equipment at higher costs
  • Stocking an inventory of equipment which is not maintained or preserved • Lack of traceability for inventory once it was off-site

 Developing an Australian-first solution: 

Centurion and PSM formed a strategic partnership offering an integrated solution to its customers where preservation and maintenance activities were provided on-site, bridging the gap between logistics and operations for our customers.

This solution is the first time a large scale logistics and engineering company have worked together to provide a door to door service without the costs and risks involved with transporting equipment to and from the supply base to the engineers’ workshop.

This partnership has seen PSM set up an integrated operation and workshop as part of Centurion’s wider supply base and warehousing operations. Here they have easy access to the customer inventory and conduct testing, maintenance and preservation on a variety of equipment ranging from a large 6.6 kV motors to stem seals for valves.

As an integrated offering, Centurion and PSM provide significant site synergies through access to large Material Handling Equipment, combined cloud based IT visibility solutions with client access and substantial internal and external working areas for maintenance, preservation and storage.

The joint model is modular and fully transferable to any location/warehouse thanks to the cloud based processes and systems.

The Centurion and PSM partnership combines the logistics capabilities of Centurion with the leading technical engineering and workshop capabilities of PSM resulting in a smart logistics solution that has major efficiency gains from its centralised solution.

Customers have access to Centurion’s significant supply base and warehousing capabilities including:

  • Inventory management services
  • Pick and pack
  • Customised processes to suit our customers’ needs
  • Systematic controls to provide stock accuracy
  • Inbuilt fully integrated EDI interfaces
  • Online inventory reporting tools

PSM’s on-site facility at Centurion services a range of major oil & gas companies providing preservation and maintenance services including:

  • Preservation of topside, subsea and drilling equipment
  • Inspection and mobilisation of equipment
  • Critical equipment / spares and required inspection and maintenance regimes
    Provision of IMS / CMMS capable of tracking equipment, housing documentation (MDR, drawings, maintenance reports, etc.), managing spares (high / low stock), etc.
  • Manage third party services (transportation, lifting)
  • Data capturing and customer-specific real-time reporting on costs, manhours, consumables per asset and other KPIs

Centurion is ISO accredited to 4801 / 14001 / 18001 / 9001 while PSM Subsea is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. PSM operates under a strict HSE Management System within Centurion facilities, meeting the highest level of standards required in the oil & gas and mining sectors.

PSM has experience in carrying out preventative maintenance on a range of new and used equipment including:

  • Pumps
  • Seals
  • Bearings
  • Shafts
  • Electric motors
  • Impellers
  • Gears
  • Valves
  • Electric flying leads
  • Hydraulic flying leads
  • Subsea control modules
  • IWOCs
  • Running tools

The Perth workshop is approximately 400m2 with plans to double in size and capacity in 2019. An outdoor hardstand assembly area for testing and/or mobilisation is available including a fully segregated pressure test bunker.

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