Our End-to-End logistics solutions, founded on our proprietary systems, supported by an internal team of systems engineers, provide cloud base inventory management, offshore-to-onshore track and trace, “control tower” capabilities, preservation status and monitoring, and full compatibility with our clients' ERP systems.


System Integration using Proprietary Solutions

  • 20+ in-house systems engineers
  • Real-time data sharing between client, vendors and service providers
  • Proprietary track and trace system
  • Centurion mobile scanning solutions
  • Near-time view combining IVMS data, GPS technology, RFID, and BLE with trailer or vessel manifest
  • Helps removes supply chain “blind spots”
  • Enhances planning, scheduling and reporting activities

Technology driving Productivity & Efficiency

  • Identification of logistic bottlenecks through the use of micro and geofencing
  • GPS and IVMS monitoring of all trailers and prime movers
  • Partnership with OEM for trial testing of autonomous driving prime movers
  • Roll out of Drive Over Tyre Reader technology in partnership with OEM for automated tyre maintenance

Innovation in Safety & Environment

  • IVMS fitted on all fleet prime movers
  • Seeing machines fitted for fatigue and distraction management
  • Partnership with OEM for trial testing of hydrogen fuelled and driverless trucks